We know how much trust goes into booking a band to make your event spectacular. With so many inexperienced bands on the circuit, Gentlemen Groove try especially hard to live up to our promises.. and we haven’t slipped yet

We also Guarantee that there will be no hassle if someone is ill to the point that their performance is compromised (even when working really hard to hide it). We regularly use substitute musicians of equal quality that know the material inside out. This means if we do need a substitute, (though this is an extreme rarity) We have someone on hand that can fill their boots and keep to our very high standards.

It's very hard to tell what is a genuine statement on function band websites…

Many State that they have “Professional fully equipped P.A.” Where they merely have something cheap that will ‘make do’ due to cost. Don’t be lead on by false promises.

Gentlemen Groove have invested a large amount of money and time in getting the perfect P.A. that will suit any event. We bring it all with us so that we can tailor the appropriate set up we need for your room in an effective and timely fashion!

Our P.A. Is the top of the line and has been used for many small- large weddings, all the way up to Massive Corporate event..

We pride ourselves on our service, Both at planning the event with you, and during and after the performance.